Diana - Episode 11

Diana's boyfriend, as usual, is jealous of everything he sees. This time, Marvin asks her to dress modestly for the gym. Diana, as always, pretends that she does not understand what Marvin is asking her. She asks him to calm down and let her enjoy the gym. And anyway, there is almost no one in the gym, and she is comfortable in this sexy costume. The fitness trainer also noticed how gorgeous Diana's costume was and started staring at her. He is glad to see Diana and Marvin at the gym. Diana is happy to see Caleb's huge cock. Caleb told the guys that if they had any questions, they could turn to him. It seems that Diana is already going to use these services. Diana told the coach that Marvin has problems with testosterone, as he has a sedentary job and is addicted to alcohol. Marvin disagrees with Diana and tries to argue. But Diana asked not to argue with her, but just to pump up the same muscles as Caleb. Marvin started to train, but, as always, did not try enough. Diana decided to do yoga, and Caleb immediately joined her to help do the yoga poses more correctly. She felt his cock and huge balls touching her. Caleb undressed, and Diana began to touch his cock. It all started with a blowjob, his cock is so big and it is difficult for her to shove it all at once into her sexy mouth. But she tries to stretch her mouth. What a slut Diana is, she managed to take this huge cock in her mouth. Caleb cums in her mouth and fills her with his cum. Then they move on to her pussy. Diana asks to get a dick in time so that she does not get pregnant, Caleb agrees, but, of course, he will not listen to her and will cum in her pussy. He let Diana deal with all the problems herself after. Diana cums with the fitness trainer together. The couple moved on to fucking Diana ass. She tries to keep her voice down, because Marvin can hear them, and Diana doesn't want any problems. Diana has not had anal sex for a long time, and she enjoys every second spent with Caleb. The couple cums again. Looks like it's time to remember Marvin and find out how he's doing in the gym.

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