Diana - Episode 10

Diana is going to travel with her boyfriend Kevin by car. The couple started talking about why she doesn't let him cum in her erotic mouth. Diana didn't like the question, but she immediately replied that she didn't like the taste of sperm. Marvin does not miss the opportunity to persuade her, but at the most interesting moment their car breaks down. Kevin doesn't know how to fix cars, he doesn't know what to do next. Diana calls the auto repair shop to call a master who will help them. Unfortunately, no one picks up the phone, because today is a day off. When the couple lose hope of meeting, a guy comes to them who is not averse to helping with repairs. A guy named Frank wants Diana to pay for help with sex. Of course Kevin is against it, but Frank doesn't care what he thinks. Frank is ready to leave at any moment. It looks like Diana doesn't mind fucking him, and Kevin is going crazy with what is happening. Diana tries to calm Kevin down. She gets into Frank's car and starts touching and sucking his big dick. Her pussy gets wet. Kevin is very close and doesn't notice anything, he's trying to fix the car. Frank wants her to take his cock as deep as possible in her mouth, and Diana does it. The couple undresses and Frank enters her pussy. She moans with bliss. Her boyfriend had never penetrated her so deeply. Frank cums in Diana's pussy, she was afraid she might get pregnant. Then they decided to go up to her ass and fuck once again. They fuck on the hood of the car, and he came in Diana again. As a result, Frank helped to fix the car. It was a very simple breakdown.

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