Diana - Episode 8

Diana works at the hospital and today she has a night shift. She decided that the weirdo Ben who lived with her would now live in the hospital where she works. So she can safely cheat on her boyfriend, and he won't notice anything. The weirdo Ben told his ward friend Don at the hospital that he had slept with Diana. Don also wanted to have sex with Diana and is trying to get her attention. He offers to become her boyfriend. But Diana doesn't care about him. When she gets close to the eccentric Ben, everything changes. Ben is very happy to see her, and his cock gets up instantly. He and his dick really missed Diana. And Diana's pussy wants to feel his cock so much that she's been thinking about Ben's dick all day. They decide to have sex right in the ward, only they are afraid to wake up Ben's neighbor. Diana climbed on the bed and started sucking his cock. She's ready to do it all night. The neighbor in the ward still woke up and had already undressed to join them. He comes up from behind and enters her pussy without permission. Now they fuck Diana together. Guys cum in her mouth and pussy at the same time. Diana enjoys sex with two guys. She has never tried it, and this is what she needs right now. The threesome cums once again, what a wonderful job Diana has. She really does what she likes. When she returns home after her shift, her boyfriend is very happy about it and offers to have sex. Diana is completely exhausted and refuses him. The guy is upset that they haven't had sex for a whole month. Marvin finds all this strange and wants to hire a private detective to follow her. The story is getting more and more interesting.

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