Diana - Episode 9

Marvin is drinking alone in some bar. He misses Diana, as she has a lot of night shifts in the hospital. If you haven't watched past episodes - Diana is cheating on Marvin while she's at work. Marvin worries that they don't see each other at all. Today is Diana's day off, but she asked Marvin to leave her to rest alone. Marvin is worried because this has never happened before. He still plans to turn to a detective to check Diana for honesty. The bartender tries to support him as best he can. Marvin drank too much and fell asleep right behind the bar. The bartender will have to take Martin to Diana. Funny fact, in the video you will see Hermione from Harry Potter, she will also be in this bar with some guy. When the bartender brought Marvin home to Diana, Marvin decided to drink a couple of glasses of alcohol together. In order not to get bored, they decide to play strip poker. The bartender loses and takes off his underpants. It turned out that he has a huge dick, the size of which Diana adores. She starts touching the bartender's cock, and Marvin can't believe his eyes. She takes his cock in her mouth and starts sucking. Marvin is shocked, but doesn't say anything. He doesn't know if it's cheating or not. Diana doesn't stop, and the bartender cums in her mouth. Diana says it's all a game, and jumps on the bartender's dick. Diana and the bartender cum and move on to another pose. He fucks her from behind in her beautiful ass. Marvin probably likes it when someone fucks his girlfriend, otherwise why doesn't he stop them?! Marvin has never had anal sex with Diana, he is shocked by what he saw. During sex, Diana confessed to Marvin that his cock too small for her satisfaction. The funniest thing is that in the morning Diana told Marvin that he had dreamed everything and, of course, he gladly believed in these fairy tales. To be continued.

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