Diana - Episode 4

What a pity, Diana's laptop is broken, but she really needs it. She called her boyfriend Marvin to help her, but he doesn't know anything and doesn't understand how he can help her. Diana remembers that one of her friends guys can fix laptops. Of course, the guy agrees and will come today to sort out the problem. Simon gets to work, but constantly stares at such a beauty Diana and completely forgets that he was called to fix the laptop. After a few manipulations, he still succeeds. While Diana is in the other room, Simon decides to take out his huge cock to look at her nude photos. Diana caught him and decided to have sex with him. She started jerking him off. Later, she wanted to know if his big cock would fit in her mouth. Simon finished this beauty in the mouth, and Diana swallowed his sperm. She also happily turns her ass so that he fucks her from behind. They cum together and Diana is covered in Simon's cum again. In the evening, her boyfriend comes home from work and Diana is ready to fuck again, although she is afraid that the guy will notice that her hole has stretched. She was lucky that he refused and wanted to spend a quiet evening with a TV series and a cup of tea.

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