Diana - Episode 5

Diana stayed late at work, she was writing a report that she definitely needed to finish today. During the work process, Adam came into her office. He urgently needs Diana to do a medical examination. Since she was very tired and it was already late, she asked him to come tomorrow.But he needs to do a check today, because tomorrow he has a competition, and he will not be allowed to participate in competitions. She agreed and asked to take off her clothes for a medical examination. He took off all his clothes and even his underpants, and she saw his big cock. During the examination, his cock stood on Diana, and she felt it. Adam is absolutely healthy, but he has a strong boner, and Diana wants to help him with this. Before the procedure, she measures his cock with a ruler. It is more than 10 inches - Diana founds out that her ruler is too short for this!   After this procedure, she puts him on the couch and starts jerking off. She will also be able to shove his entire cock into her mouth. He cums in her mouth and she swallows his cum. There's a lot of sperm, since his balls are huge. After that, she sits on his cock in the pose of a rider. Diana's pussy is very wet, and it turns Adam on. Adam will cum again, but this time in her pussy. But that's not all, he has a lot of strength, and he will fuck her from behind. Then he will fill her whole body with his sperm. After all the procedures, she will write him a medical examination that he is healthy as a horse.

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