Diana - Episode 6

This is an ordinary city where there is one weirdo guy who believes in aliens. He walks around the city and communicates with people. Along the way, he meets priests and starts a dialogue with them about God. He says there is no God, and if there is, let him give him a sign. At this moment, Diana and her boyfriend are driving along the road by car exactly where this weirdo is standing. Her boyfriend drank a little, but still got behind the wheel. Diana is very unhappy with the current situation. Diana's boyfriend Marvin asks to open him another bottle of beer. Diana refused as it is dangerous to drink alcohol while driving a car. He decided to get the bottle himself and accidentally dropped it. At that moment, a weirdo came out on the road, and Marvin knocked him down. Diana wants to send him to the hospital, but boyfriend is against it, he doesn't want problems. Diana decides to take weirdo home and feed him, as well as send him to the shower. After the shower, she decided to examine him. She found out he has a very big dick and now Diana is constantly looking at it. She touched his cock, and he immediately stood up. Diana takes his huge cock in mouth and starts doing blowjob. Since the weirdo hasn't had a girlfriend for a long time, he ends up in her mouth very quickly. After that, she puts a condom on his dick, but his dick is so big that he climbs only on the head of his penis. While he was fucking her, it turned out that the condom broke. But Diana is so excited that she doesn't care anymore, and they continue to have fun.

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