Diana - Episode 2

Continuation of the story of Diana. This time, after a hard day's work, she was very tired. Diana works as a doctor, but it makes her even sexier. She needs to rest a little, she takes off her white robe and lies down on the couch. Her boyfriend Marvin sends her a message in messenger that he misses her very much and is waiting for an early meeting. These words turned Diana on. She decides to play with her pussy now because she will meet her boyfriend only in the evening. She starts touching her pussy and the pussy gets wet. It turns out that Diana's working day is not over yet, as one of the patients needs her help. After playing basketball, Shane's leg hurts, and he really wants to get to Diana's appointment. When Shane approached Diana's office, he saw that the door to her office was open and he began to spy on her. He really likes what he sees. After all, Diana is very hot. But unfortunately for Shein, Diana saw him at the door and got very angry. She starts arguing with him. Shane is looking for excuses. But everything will be fine, because Diana loves big dicks and Shane just has one. He will take off his pants and then they will have sex. She will suck his dick and he will cum in her mouth and then enter her pussy.

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