Diana - Episode 1

Megan always easily attracts the attention of guys. Her friend Samantha would like to take a couple of seduction lessons from her. It turns out that the guy she likes doesn't pay attention to her at all. Megan is not happy with the choice of a friend, as she has heard bad reviews about him from other girls. This did not stop Samantha, it turns out she is a lover of perverts and is not against perversions herself. Megan agrees to help her and gives her a perfume that attracts guys. As a result, guys get very excited and ready to fuck all night. Samantha did everything according to the instructions, but the guy had a headache, the only one who can help is Megan, since she is a doctor. Megan immediately gets to work, but when she sees a guy's big dick, she forgets about medical care and tries to help with sex. Megan has a lot of practice in this and she is happy to start the penis sucking treatment. He will also enter her pussy to complete the procedure. Samantha is very worried about the guy's health and decides to go to Megan's office to make sure that everything is in order.

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