Diana - Episode 12

One day, Marvin had been feeling a bit insecure about his fertility and wanted to get a spermogram done. He knew that Diana would be able to help him out and make him feel more at ease. So, he went to the hospital where she worked and asked for her help. Diana was thrilled to see her husband at her workplace. She greeted him with a warm hug and a kiss. Marvin explained why he was there and Diana immediately took him to his office. At this moment, a black man walked into the office and asked Diana to help him find a sex magazine. Diana was a bit taken aback by the request, but she didn't want to be rude, so she agreed to help him. She started looking through the shelves and as she was searching, the man suddenly pulled down his pants and showed Diana his huge cock. Diana was shocked and tried to back away, but the man was persistent. He invited her to touch him and Diana, who had always been curious about black men, couldn't resist. She hesitated at first, mentioning her husband and her loyalty to him, but the man was very persuasive. He convinced her to start sucking him off and Diana, unable to resist any longer, gave in to her desires. She took his black cock in her mouth and started sucking him off. The man was moaning in pleasure and soon he came inside her mouth. Diana was surprised by how much he had cummed and before she knew it, the man was fucking her pussy and then her ass. She was in ecstasy and couldn't believe what was happening. After they were done, the man left and Diana was left feeling guilty and ashamed. She knew she had cheated on her husband and she couldn't believe she had given in to her desires so easily.

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