Mia - Episode 8

Barney was already in bed, but he couldn't sleep. He was worried about Mia, she had been working late a lot lately and he couldn't help but wonder what she was doing. He tried to push these thoughts away, but they kept creeping back into his mind. He decided to go to the living room and wait for her. He couldn't understand why she was being so secretive. He started to think that maybe she was cheating on him. He couldn't bear the thought of it, but he couldn't shake it off either. He decided to go to her office and find out what was going on. He drove to her office and parked outside. He saw that the lights were still on and he could hear voices coming from inside. He decided to sneak in and see what was happening. He opened the door a crack and eavesdropped on Mia's conversation with her colleagues. To his surprise, they were not talking about work. They were talking about him. Mia was telling her colleagues how sorry she felt for leaving Barney alone at home and how he was a terrible cook. Barney was heartbroken, he couldn't believe that Mia would say such things about him. He decided to leave and not listen to any more of their conversation. Mia had always been a hardworking and dedicated employee at her office. She was well-liked by her colleagues and was known for her friendly and cheerful demeanor. At this point, Isaac and Jerome's intentions became clear. They wanted to have sex with Mia. They were caressing her and showing her their huge cocks. Mia was loving it, she had always been attracted to big sizes. Isaac and Jerome took out their huge cocks and showed them to Mia. She couldn't believe her eyes. She had always loved such gigantic sizes, and now she had two of them right in front of her. Without hesitation, she started sucking their cocks in turn, and the guys were insanely happy. After that, one of the guys entered her narrow pussy with his huge dick and stretched her pussy, while the other entered her mouth. They took turns fucking her on the pool table, and Mia couldn't believe how amazing it felt. She had never experienced such pleasure before. But the fun didn't stop there. Isaac and Jerome were not satisfied with just one hole. They wanted to explore every inch of Mia's body. They both entered her ass and pussy at the same time and fucked her with all their might. Their cocks were much bigger than her husband's, and she finally felt something she had never felt before. Mia screamed that she wanted to cum, and the black guys filled her womb with their sperm. She had never felt so satisfied and fulfilled in her life. After they were done, Mia returned home. Barney was sitting in the living room, looking sad and defeated. He told her that he had heard everything and he was hurt. Mia told him not to pay attention to it and it didn't mean anything.

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