Amanda - Episode 15

Amanda and her husband Mike were strolling through the mall, enjoying their day off together. As they passed by the different stores, Amanda couldn't help but notice the big discounts and sales signs plastered on the windows. She tugged on Mike's arm, urging him to go inside and check out the deals. But she was still able to persuade him to come into the store. Amanda suddenly spotted a familiar face. It was a large black man, who she had slept with in the past. Her heart skipped a beat as she realized that this man now worked at the shoe store. Mike's face turned red with anger as he recognized the man as well. He knew about Amanda's affair and couldn't believe that she would have the audacity to bring him to the mall where they might run into the man she had cheated on him with. The black man, whose name was Marcus, greeted Amanda with a smile and asked if she needed any help. Amanda couldn't resist the temptation and struck up a conversation with him, while Mike browsed through the shoes. Mike could feel his blood boiling as he watched his wife flirt with Marcus. He wanted to leave the store, but Amanda insisted on staying and trying on some shoes. Mike couldn't take it anymore. He turned around to leave, but when he looked back, he was shocked to see that Marcus had already taken off his pants and Amanda was caressing his cock. Mike was speechless, unable to believe what was happening right in front of him. Amanda looked up at Mike and simply said, 'This is what my pussy needs.' She then took Marcus's cock in her mouth, completely ignoring her husband's presence. Mike was furious and embarrassed. He begged Amanda to stop and leave the store, but she refused. Marcus, on the other hand, seemed unfazed by the situation and continued to enjoy Amanda's attention. After Marcus had cum then he fucked her holes and cum again inside her. When it's over Mike reluctantly bought her a pair of shoes and tipped Marcus, even though he didn't want to. Amanda insisted on the tip. Marcus was angry and hurt, but he also couldn't deny that he was turned on by the whole situation. He knew that he and Amanda had a lot to talk about, but for now, he just wanted to forget about it and enjoy the rest of their day together.

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