Rachel - Episode 4

Scott brought the prize home to Rachel. He asks to come to her apartament to put the box with the prize, otherwise it is very heavy. Rachel lets him in and invites to join her for dinner. Scott happily agreed. The folks have a nice conversation about work projects. But suddenly, Rachel saw a report on TV about a strange clinic and realized that she wanted to interview the head of this clinic. This clinic is for white women only, but it is not easy to get inside. This clinic is not ready to give interviews to everyone. Rachel is excited about this interview topic and is ready to go. There was a security guard at the entrance to the clinic, who prohibited men from entering. Scott had to obey, and Rachel went alone. The head of the clinic is happy to see Rachel and is ready to answer all her questions. It's funny, but this clinic only employs black men. Rachel wants to know the reason for this. It turned out that none of the white men had yet passed the requirements to get into this position. Because the clinic only accepts guys with big dicks. This clinic helps women get pregnant, and the bigger the penis, the more likely it is to get pregnant. The Doctor takes off his pants and shows Rachel his huge tool. Her mouth opened in surprise. This size shocked her, and she asked to touch it. Find out what happens next in this medical office and how Rachel's interview will end.

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