D.va - School Getting Stuck

In the main role there was one of the hottest and most famous girl D.Va from the Overwatch game series. She has been suspended from class for bad behavior and is waiting for the professor to discuss what they will do about her grades and behavior. She has been waiting for him for more than an hour, but the professor does not come. She doesn't know what to do and just sighs out of boredom. Suddenly she looked under the table and saw 100 bucks lying there. This is what she needs. She was just dreaming of new cosmetics. Without thinking, she reached under the table to pick them up. She picks up the money and realizes that it is a fake. A little upset, she hits her head on the table. What a bad day today. She swears, but somehow restrains herself. At this moment, the professor comes into the classroom and scolds her for swearing. It turned out that she was stuck under the steel and could not get out. The professor isn't helping her, he came over and hit on her sexy ass. He lifts her skirt and penetrates her pussy with his big cock. She asks what he is doing, and he explains in response that it is a learning process and he is educating her. He quickly cums in her, and they manage to do everything before someone enters the classroom. Support Bewyx if you like this video.

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