Jack sex

In this video you will see Jack from the game Mass Effect. The weather outside is terrible, it's raining, and Jack is very bored. She is alone in an empty office and seems to be stuck in it for a long time. By the way, she has one very strange feature: when she is bored, she always wants sex. But she is alone in the office, so she will have to wait with her desires. She walks from room to room and looks outside in the hope that the rain will stop soon. Suddenly, some guy comes into her office and she starts being rude to him. She offers the guy a deal, if he wants her on his team, then he should shut up and do what she tells him. The guy agreed and is waiting for her instructions. She lies down on the bed and spreads her legs for him. The guy immediately approaches her and penetrates her pussy. She jumps on his cock and moans loudly. If you love girls with tattoos, then Jack is definitely your dream girl. She looks like a very bad girl. After she took his cock in her hands and started jerking him off. She asks to cum on her sexy face. The guy fulfills this request, he cums, and she licks his sperm with pleasure.

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