Widow and Tracer - Sex Tape

Watch this fantastic video featuring the characters Widow and Tracer from the Overwatch game. Many couples think about sex tape and Widow and Tracer are no exception. Tracer rented a video camera, and the girls started sex filming. The Widow has already undressed, and we see her huge cock, similar to a horse's. Tracer gently caresses her dick and dreams of tasting it. The Tracer opens her mouth, and the Widow shoves her dick into her. Tracer started caressing the head of the dick with her sexy mouth, and also jerked off at the same time. After some time, the video is interrupted, and during this time the girls changed their sex pose. The Widow spread Tracer's legs and penetrated her pussy. Tracer asks to fuck her and the Widow almost completely enters her pussy with her giant horse's dick. After some time, the Widow cums on the Tracer's body. Tracer didn't want to finish sex so quickly, she demanded to continue. The Widow continues to orgasm so far and she needs to take a rest. She poured cum all over the Tracer's face and body. After that, the girls started kissing. The Tracer is constantly distracted by filming, and it annoys the Widow. She grabs the camera and throws it on the floor to continue the sex and Tracer would not be distracted. The camera fell so well that we still see the girls fucking. The Widow shoved her dick so deep into Tracer's throat that she was constantly choking.

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