Family Guy Office Sex

This is a parody of the Family Guy's Season 5th Episode 5th - Whistle While Your Wife Works. Peter had been feeling increasingly frustrated at the office. His hand was badly damaged and it was making it difficult to do his paperwork. In a desperate attempt to feel better and be productive, he asked his friend Lois to help him do the work. He asked Lois to help him with his paperwork, and she agreed. Little did she know that Peter had ulterior motives. From the start, Peter was sexually harassing her, trying to get her to agree to his advances. Finally, after weeks of pestering, Lois finally gave in. She offered to give him a blowjob, and Peter couldn't believe his luck. She knelt down and started sucking, and Peter felt like he was in heaven. She kept at it for more than a minute, and then stood up and bent over the table. Peter took the opportunity to fuck her from behind. He went harder and harder, and Lois enjoyed every second of it. When he was done, Lois offered her asshole to him. Peter couldn't believe it. He happily accepted and started fucking her in the ass while she held her butt cheeks. After a few minutes, Peter finally pulled out and shot his load on Lois' face. She smiled and thanked him for the pleasure he had given her. Peter couldn't believe it had all happened, but he was glad it did.

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