Strange Family - Cyborg Maid and Sister Kate

Kate has a lot to do around the house, but she doesn't have the desire to do it all. She came across an interesting website where they offer to order a cleaning robot at home. This cleaning robot can do a lot: she cleans, cooks, and also has various additional functions. But after spending some more time on the Internet, Kate noticed that this cleaning robot can be used as a sex partner. Kate has made an order and is waiting for tomorrow’s delivery to try out the sex robot. When the robot was delivered, Kate immediately started testing it. It turned out that the robot has a huge and very realistic dick. Kate examines every inch of the dick, and then takes it in her mouth. Then Kate strips naked and inserts the robot's dick in her pussy. She definitely fits this size. Kate asks the robot to speed up, as she will cums soon. After she cums, she asks the robot to fuck her ass. Soon she is ready to cum again, this robot definitely knows how to please a woman. The robot also cums and fills Kate's whole body with her sperm. By the way, Kate has a brother, so she needs to come up with something so that he does not notice this robot at their house and does not ask unnecessary questions. She is afraid that he will fuck her all day long.

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