Nightly Visit from the Nurse

This video was made by Lewdgazer. The nurse, a nice and attractive woman, entered the room where the patient was recovering. She greeted him politely and began to prepare for the examination. As she checked his vitals and asked him questions about his symptoms, she couldn't help but notice the way he was looking at her. His gaze was intense and hungry, making her feel uncomfortable but also a little excited. Despite her better judgement, the nurse found herself becoming more and more attracted to the man as the examination went on. She tried to stay professional and focused on her work, but it was difficult with him looking at her that way. Eventually, she couldn't resist any longer and gave in to her desires. The nurse climbed in the bed. He wasted no time and started to fuck her pussy. She moaned with pleasure as he fucked her pussy very hard, feeling herself become more and more turned on. She felt him start to choke her a little. The unexpected sensation only served to heighten her pleasure, and she found herself begging for more. He obliged, gripping her throat tightly as he fucked her harder and harder. In the heat of the moment, the man came inside the nurse, filling her up with his hot, sticky cum. She screamed with pleasure as she reached orgasm, her body shaking and shuddering with the intensity of it. The nurse couldn't help but feel a little guilty for what had just happened. But at the same time, she couldn't deny the intense pleasure she had experienced. She knew she would have to be careful in the future, but for now, she was happy to bask in the afterglow of their illicit encounter.

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