Glory Gal

It all started with ordinary communication on the Internet. The girl downloaded the dating app, and a guy without an avatar and photos started chatting with her. He invited her to meet, but it will be an extremely unusual meeting. He called her to a public toilet, where she would give him a blind blowjob. After she never sees the guy, they will simply go home. The girl will go into one toilet booth, and the guy will be in another. He will stick his dick through a hole in the wall and she will start sucking when she is ready. The atmosphere in the toilet is very intimate. Before starting to suck, she licks her lips. She takes his cock in hand and licks his head. Then she starts to do a deep blowjob. When she got tired of sucking, the guy himself began to move and shove his dick into her mouth. She also breaks off to jerk off his dick. He cums in her mouth and she swallows all his cum with pleasure. Now she's thinking of finding another guy and giving him a blowjob in the toilet. This will become her new hobby. How exciting it is not to know the person you are giving a blowjob to. This video was made by Lewdgazer.

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