Lili and Asuka's Public Affair

Lily and Asuka are characters from the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime. They sat side by side on the subway, surrounded by the usual hustle and bustle of commuters. The train jolted and lurched as it made its way through the tunnel, but Asuka seemed unfazed. Lily, who was sitting next to her, noticed something strange. She felt a slight movement, a small jerk, and realized with a shock that Asuka was touching her. Lily's heart began to race as she tried to keep her composure. She could feel her face flushing, and she barely managed to stifle a moan. The thought of Asuka pleasuring her in such a public place was incredibly arousing, and Lily struggled to keep her focus on anything else. But no one else on the subway seemed to notice. They were all engrossed in their own thoughts, their own worlds, oblivious to the intimate moment unfolding just a few feet away. Lily couldn't believe it. Here she was, on the verge of orgasm, and nobody had any idea. Asuka continued to touch Lily, her movements becoming more deliberate and confident. Lily could feel herself getting closer and closer to orgasm. She tried to stay quiet, to keep still, but it was becoming increasingly difficult. Finally, with a small gasp, she came, her body shaking with pleasure. Asuka smiled at her, her eyes shining with arousal. Lily felt a surge of love and gratitude towards her girlfriend. They had shared so many intimate moments before, but this one was special. Here, in this crowded subway car, they had found a way to connect physically and emotionally, despite the chaos and noise around them. It was a reminder that their love was strong, and that nothing could ever come between them. This video was made by Lewdgazer.

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