Special Delivery

Big Johnson presents a video with VincentValen production. The main character is Zoey from Left 4 Dead video game. She's home alone and playing with herself at the laptop. She's expecting some special package and barely gets the big box inside her house. It should be just a dildo but it's so heavy. She opens the box and there's a robot. Robot that actually understands everything and has a huge cock. She wants to suck that big cock of futanari robot girl that can adjust the size of her cock. Well, nothing is so happy as it might seem, Zoey wants real love, not just a bunch of metal or plastic. Luckily, Adriana (robot) is programmed to adjust to needs of her owner and they start really gently. Adriana touches her and then fucks Zoey in a missionary position. Lots of cumming in all Zoey's holes will follow. Also an anal sex is introduced with the penis enlargement while they are having sex. In the end Zoey's girlfriend returns home and we can understand that this will continue in other movie with all 3 of them.

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