Metal Dick Solid: Going Full Metal

This video is presented by oxX-Kamadeva-Xxo. This is the third episode of these series that are parody of Metal Gear Solid. Quiet is lying on the table, actually she's tied to it and some mechanic sex toy starts to fuck her. Probably guys are testing something. She closes her eyes and imagines that a real guy is fucking her from behind. Then a futanari girl joins the party and puts her cock inside Quiet's mouth while touching her pussy, too, as it's almost a 69th position. Soon she cums on her mouth and face. Then girl jumps on top and of her also in the exotic pose and cums inside her. Another girl that appears in the this cool movie is Faith and she's stroking Big Boss' cock. Another blonde girl is here nearby wearing gas mask. Soon Faith starts to suck his cock as they lie on the floor. He cums in her mouth and some cut scenes continues. Other characters you'll see in this movie are Kaz Miller, Revolver Ocelot, Laughing Wallaby, Gatling gun Soldier, Skull unit and others.

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