Krogan's Plaything 2 (Full version)

In this video you will see Krogan, he is a monster from the Mass Effect game. Krogan is a massive and physically resistant humanoid reptile. He looks a bit like a lizard. Krogan constantly wanders, as his planet Tuchanka looks like a scorched wasteland from a thermonuclear civil war in the past. Of course, such hefty monsters also want to fuck all the time. Krogan's testosterone levels are off the charts. He caught a woman somewhere and took her to his spaceship for sexual pleasures. He has great taste, the girl is very pretty with an awesome body. Krogan tries to take care of her, and she does what he says so that he enjoys it. He picked her up to fuck her with huge cock. She is very pleased with the result, he is better than any man she had. Each of them gets what they need, they are very gormanic together. His cock is so big it won't fit in her tight ass. Each time he stretches her ass more and more. Krogan realizes that this is not enough for him, and warns the girl that he will go even deeper. She is most interested in such an experiment with her ass. He shifted position and put her on knees. After a while, he still managed to penetrate her pussy completely. No one has ever gone so deep into her. Earthlings don't have such big cocks. He fucks her slowly, but very hard. Then he decides to accelerate even more, and the girl screams with pleasure. After he stretched her ass, she asks him to fuck her even harder. She begs him to cum inside her to feel his cum in her vagina. Of course, the Krogan will do what the girl asks, he is a real gentleman. His cock is similar to a horse's dick. In the end, you'll see what happened to the girl's hole.

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