Requiem 2: the Raphell

Chinese name - 镇魂曲三部曲-2 奸淫地狱 竞技场 (Town Spirit Trilogy - 2 Adultery, Hell Arena). Second part of movie filled with humiliation and aggressive sex. This time a lot of cut scenes form different movies are involved. It all starts with some girl dreaming about having sex at the beach with her boyfriend right in the sea close to the rocks. Sun starts shining in her face and she wakes up in the chamber filled with sex toys. Multiple experiments are performed on the heroines of the movie. As well as at some point you'll see wedding filled with hentai chicks. In this 1.5h movie you'll see Chinese subtitles while all voices seems to be Japanese. Fortunately no censorship, but quality of this video isn't really high, as previous early movies of Opium.

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Author: Opiumud | www | more videos by this author


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