Requiem 1: the Raphell

Chinese name - 镇魂曲三部曲-1 奸淫地狱 罪与罚 (The soul of the trilogy - 1 adultery, hell, and punishment). This work is fictional and made by Opium back in early years. Again it's a messy animation sets with lots of moving images. The story behind this is really dark, torturing and totally made up. It starts with 2 girls are locked in some laboratory or something like that, Bella and Melodie. Soon they both are in the prison cells where bunch of guys come and do various things with them, using toys, electricity and their cocks. Later on the movie takes place at some auction of girls where visitors can buy girls from all over the world and then do some dirty things with them.

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Author: Opiumud | www | more videos by this author


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