Vicious Fantasy: Lulu

In this video you'll see incest action between mother and son. However, I think that she's actually a step mother. A guy walks around the house and sees how parents are fucking because they forgot to close the door. Lulu blames father for that and later they have some conversation. Son enters the bedroom and sees panties on the bed, masturbates on them and cums. Lulu notices him and her sperm covered underwear and gets angry because son is lying on the floor naked with a boner. In the moment father comes by and they quickly hide in the closet where he rubs his dick over her ass and cums on it. Mother tries to be patient and understands him, that's why she starts to suck his small wiener and soon he cums again. Then she rubs it with her boobs and one more cum. Soon she sits down on it and he cums again from that excitement. With more and more sex poses they come to solution that Lulu uses some magic to grow his penis bigger and then sits on it. She is feeling some pain and the ending is surprising.

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Author: Dezmall | www | more videos by this author


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