Lara - Hot sex

This short video was made by Texelnaut. In this video, Lara Croft is the main character of the Tomb Raider video game. It was a quiet and peaceful evening. Some guy invited Lara to his house for a date. Everything quickly turned to sex, and he undressed her and began to caress her entire body. He waited for Lara to start to get agitated. Lara got excited almost immediately and really wants to fuck. The guy does not undress yet, he also gets excited by touching her smooth and delicate skin. When she gets as excited as possible, the guy will start to touch and caress her pussy. She dreams that he would penetrate her warm pussy with fingers and he fulfills her desire. He penetrates her quite deeply, and Lara moans with pleasure. She's all wet from such gentle sex. Pay attention to her ass hole, unrealistically beautiful. The guy takes off his pants and puts her dick in her sexy mouth. She will gently suck the head of his penis. When the guy's dick became hard, he went up to her pussy and penetrated her. He began to fuck her very quickly, and Lara began to moan more gently. He fucks her faster and faster. After that, he wants something more and goes into her cute ass. The guy is fast like a rocket. Then he sticks out his dick and admires her sexy holes. He came up to her face and put his cock on her face. After a while, he got into her mouth and started fuck her again very quickly. At the very end, he will cum in her beautiful mouth. Lara is over the moon with happiness, it was her best date.

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