Resident Evil - Sex Virus: Ep1 - Old Friends

Kamadevasfm presents. After Umbrella developed many virus forms, they came to the solution how to develop a new virus-form, that turns their victims to so mindless soldiers and if the virus will be injected by a sexual act woman will turn into hermaphrodites while males become different types of infected. They've developed the new virus aka S-Virus in a town near Racoon City. Due the past circumstances, that Racoon City was destroyed by Umbrella Corp. to hide the evidence of the existences of the C-Virus, this city still became infected and it was only a matter of time it became the second "Zombietown". Leon was the first agent, who found out that Umbrella build their laboratory under that town and began his research with Ada. This movie contains sex scenes with those infected girls fucking each other with their new-made dicks. Starring Ada Wong, Jill Valentine, Rachel Foley, Rebecca Chamber, Excella and many more. The ending is not missing, only credits where removed from this version.

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