Bovine Adventures - A COWvid-19 EP02 - Test Result

Everyone should visit the doctor at least once a year. Bovine is no exception. She is afraid of catching Covid-19 and came to the doctor for a check-up. He accepted her without waiting in a queue, otherwise she would have had to wait 2 weeks. But since she is the doctor's favorite patient, he was happy to help her. He likes her not only as a patient, but also as a girl, he wants to fuck her. The doctor asks what she is complaining about and what her symptoms are. It turns out that Bovine is tired and has headaches. She is also worried about Covid-19, and is afraid of infecting someone. The doctor will conduct all the necessary tests for her and check her. First, he will check her temperature. He takes out a thermometer in the form of a cock and sticks it very deep into her ass. She didn't expect this, but she likes it. The next thing the doctor will check is her heartbeat. He puts a mask over her eyes and she can't see anything. He asks her to take off her bra. The doctor uses his hands to check her heartbeat, and he also wants to know what kind of heartbeat her pussy has. Then he asks her to spread her legs wider and thrusts his cock into her pussy for a massage. Bovine does everything the doctor says, as long as she is interested in whether she has a virus. The doctor thinks she has a fever, he tries to lower the temperature by fucking her from behind. They cum together, and it means that Bovine has recovered. The doctor cured her and decontaminated her, but he does not know if she has Covid-19, as the tests will come in a couple of days. He asks her to rest and come to his appointment again. Since Bovine is interested in her health, she will come again to the doctor for tests. I think she won't go away that easily and the doctor will check her for something else. You never know if she hasn't caught something new in that time.

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