Mulan Sex Scene

This is an adult parody sex video about Disney's movie Mulan from Cartoon Gonzo. The main heroine in this video is Fa Mulan. Fa Mulan had a difficult life. She is a young girl who had to take on the responsibility of being the family's sole provider after her father fell ill. She was determined to do whatever it took to save him, so she joined the Chinese army under the false name Ping. Mulan soon found herself in the captain's company, and it wasn't long before sparks flew between them. In the adult parody sex video, the two have some steamy moments. The first scene has Mulan pleasuring herself with a red sex toy, while Mushu looks on. The second scene has the captain's cock in Mulan's mouth, as she takes him in hungrily. The next scene has Mulan lying on her back as the captain takes her from behind. Then they move onto some vaginal sex before she takes control and rides the captain until they both reach their climax. In the end she strokes that big dick until cum shoots in the air.

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