Velma and Shaggy Sex Scene

A parody of Scooby Doo from Famous Toons Facial. Shaggy and Scooby Doo were watching a horror movie, with Velma also joining them. As they were watching, Velma noticed how tense Shaggy seemed to be, and she sensed that he needed some serious relaxation. So, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She leaned in close to Shaggy and started to gently suck on his big cock, her tongue and lips working their magic. Shaggy began to moan and relax more and more as she continued. Finally, Velma let him inside her and the two of them began to make love. As they moved together, their pleasure and intensity grew. Finally, Shaggy let out a loud moan and shot his cum all over Velma's pretty face. Velma wiped the cum off her face with a smile. Shaggy had never felt so relaxed and content in his life. He knew that he could always count on Velma to make him feel better.

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