Chi-Chi's Valentines Surprise

Ore_Jai is the author of this short video with Chi-Chi from Dragon Ball. The guy had been looking forward to this moment all day. He had been thinking about Chi-Chi constantly, and now that he was finally outside her house, he couldn't wait any longer. He quickly sent her a text to let her know that he had arrived, and to his delight, she replied immediately that she was on her way out. When Chi-Chi opened the door, the guy was struck by her beauty. She was even more gorgeous than he remembered. Chi-Chi led him inside and closed the door behind them. As they made their way to the living room, the tension between them was palpable. The guy couldn't take his eyes off of Chi-Chi, and he could see the desire in her gaze as well. Without a moment's hesitation, she reached out and touched his dick, which was already rock hard in his pants. He couldn't resist any longer - he pulled out his dick and Chi-Chi immediately took it in her mouth. She sucked and licked him with enthusiasm, and the guy couldn't help but moan with pleasure. But he wanted more - he turned Chi-Chi around and entered her from behind, feeling her warm and wet pussy surround him. He fucked her hard, and Chi-Chi begged him to cum inside of her. She wanted to feel him fill her up with his cum, and the guy was happy to oblige. He came hard, and Chi-Chi moaned with pleasure as she felt him release inside of her. It was the best Valentine's Day he had ever had.

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