Zelda's Surprise Visitor

The story of Zelda and Prince Link. Zelda has finally returned home after a long adventure. She has only one desire to go to bed as soon as possible. Prince Link was waiting for her at home, he didn't want to disturb Zelda. He understood perfectly well what she had to go through to get home. Suddenly a Spirit appears and begins to spy on Zelda. Zelda took off her T-shirt and Spirit is insanely happy with what he saw. Prince Link does not approve of such behavior, and this makes the Spirit angry. The Spirit throws Prince Link into the abyss, and he falls right into Zelda's bath. Prince Link was about to run away, but Zelda grabbed him. She doesn't understand where he's planning to run. She had long noticed that he had his eye on her. Zelda invites him to stay with her and starts sucking his cock. Prince Link is very shy and tries to hold on with the last of his strength. But soon he calms down and becomes more courageous. He penetrates her pussy with his fingers and looks at how she gets excited. After Prince Link penetrates her pussy, they cum together. It was great sex, as the couple went to rest after such a night. All this time that they were fucking, the Spirit was watching them. He was happy for his friend Link, as he eventually became emboldened and had sex with Zelda. This video was made by Maplestar.

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