Ada x Cultist

Enjoy the video with the beautiful and sexy Ada Wong and Cultist, they are the characters of "Resident Evil". Ada was a brave girl who loved to explore new places. But one day, her curiosity led her to a dark part of the abandoned house that she had never been to before. As she walked deeper into the room, she suddenly heard a loud growl. She turned around and saw a Cultist standing in front of her. Ada's heart raced with fear as the Cultist grabbed her. The Cultist was known to be a ruthless and cruel being. He terrorized anyone who dared to enter his territory. And now, Ada had become his latest victim. She tried to fight back, but he was too strong. He then shoved his cock between her legs and began to thrust in and out, causing Ada immense pain. With every movement, sperm flowed out of his penis, staining her legs. But he was not satisfied yet. He then moved to her mouth and forced himself inside, making her gag and choke. After he finished, He turned Ada around and shoved his cock into her ass. He continued to fuck her for what felt like hours, until finally, he released his seed inside her. Exhausted Ada collapsed to the ground as she watched his sperm flow out of her. This video was made by Alessio.

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