Black Widow x Widowmaker

Widowmaker sat naked on the couch, her muscular frame relaxed as she scrolled through the options on her tablet. Widowmaker's huge cock lay flaccid on her leg, a testament to her recent activities. She had always been a ladies' man, but lately, she had grown bored with the same old conquests. That's when she discovered this new app, one that allowed her to choose from a variety of girls to fulfill her every desire. As he browsed through the options, her eyes landed on a stunning woman with long black hair and piercing green eyes. She was called the Black Widow, and something about her intrigued Widowmaker. The Widowmaker selected her and watched as Black Widow appeared in the room, her seductive smile sending shivers down her spine. Without hesitation, Widowmaker spread her legs and began to fuck her in the pussy. The sensation was unlike anything she had ever experienced before. Black Widow moans filled the room, and Widowmaker could feel herself getting lost in the moment. As she thrust harder and faster, she could see the pleasure on her face, and it only fueled her desire. Finally, with a loud moan, Widowmaker reached her orgasm and cum inside her.

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