Black Widow - Best Agent

Natasha Romanoff from the Black Widow had been on the hunt for the criminal for months. She had been following leads, gathering evidence, and finally, she had found his secret hideout. She knew she had to act fast before he could escape again. As she cautiously made her way through the dark and dingy corridors of the abandoned warehouse, her heart was pounding with adrenaline. She had her gun at the ready, her finger on the trigger, and her eyes scanning every corner for any sign of the criminal. Finally, she reached the end of the corridor and saw him standing there, smirking at her. She pointed her gun at him and called him a criminal scum, but he just laughed in response. Natasha's grip on her gun tightened as she stepped closer, determined to apprehend him. But just as she was about to make her move, she felt someone pointing a machine gun at her back. Her heart sank as she realized she had walked right into a trap. The criminal's friend, who had snuck up behind her, had a machine gun in his hands. Natasha Romanoff was completely outgunned. She knew she was in trouble. Soon the criminal's friend penetrate her pussy from behind and started fucking her against the wall. Natasha Romanoff felt violated and helpless as she was forced to endure the brutal assault. Finally, one criminal after another took turns raping her.

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