Kiriko in Taimanin

Enjoy the video with Kiriko Komori and Widowmaker. They are characters from the Overwatch game. Kiriko was grabbed and thrown tied into some empty room. She fell asleep from stress, but a Widowmaker came to her and woke her up by pouring a bucket of water on her body. Behind her was a bunch of monsters with red eyes. The Widowmaker asks Kiriko not to be surprised by what she sees, as it is her own fault. But they have no evidence that Kiriko is guilty of anything. They just grabbed her illegally. But the Widowmaker laughs, they want to put experiments on Kiriko involving these huge monsters. Kiriko opened her mouth, she was shocked by the size of these freaks. But she is tied up, so they will use her as they want. These monsters are just a bunch of muscles with huge dicks. They start with cunnilingus and stretch the Kiriko from the inside with their giant tongues. Kiriko just screams in fear. Afterwards, the monster hardly pushes his cock into her pussy and it is difficult for her to withstand such a size. The monster began to move faster and cums inside her. He penetrated Kiriko so hard that her stomach burst. Then Kiriko started to do a blowjob. Monsters want their sperm to flow out of all her holes. The Widowmaker asks not to stop and continue fucking Kiriko even harder. By the way, you will also see how Kiriko's pussy and womb look from the inside. At the very end, Kiriko is ready to cum and screams that this is the best dick she has ever had. It looks like she started having fun. But God, how much sperm is left on Kiriko, she is almost invisible, she is all white. This video was made by SlayedDotCoom.

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