Taimanin Episode 2.5 Bad End

Taimanin Asagi doujin (work 024, Season 1, episode 2.5 aka 2.6). This is an alternative decision to the previous video where author selected what to do - put some spell on Asagi Igawa or all passengers in the train, check previous part - here. Seems like the result is obvious and all passengers getting aggressive and treat Asagi as a total shit and start to humiliate her in multiple ways. They have sex toys, they keep playing with her body as they want and she begs them to stop. However guys keep torturing her sexually and keep coming up with the new ideas. Most of the scenes are from the previous part but reactions to the result are different. In the end she's tired and fucked.

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Author: Opiumud | www | more videos by this author


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