A Room for Three

TheTerribleFairy made another rhythmic video featuring hot girls and shemales. This time it's one futa with dark hair and two blonde girls. The video starts by both girls being on their knees and sucking the only cock turn by turn. Right after that they get in the bed and futa fucks one of the girls from behind, while the other one is lying on her back and other girl is almost like in the position of 69 and touches her pussy, while she's licking other's pussy and licking balls of the futa. Soon shemale girl cums on the ass she was fucking and the face who was licking her balls. Then other girl gets on top of the shemale and other one is having fun with her balls. Later she pulls out that cock and sucks it, too, and cums. They keep changing positions and one of the nicest things is when both girls have turned their backs against the cocked girl and she cums inside one girl and then quickly shoots a drop in the ass of the other.

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