Futurama Sex Parody

Meet popular characters of Futurama: Zapp Brannigan (blonde guy in red), Leela (one eyed girl), Kif Kroker (green guy) and Amy Wong (short haired normal girl). It starts with Zapp fucking Amy from behind while Amy is licking pussy of Leela. In the 2nd scene girls are pleasing Zapp orally, Amy is licking his asshole, while Leela sucks his cock. In the 3rd scene it is time to double penetrate Leela, she sucks Kif's cock while Zapp is fucking her ass. 4th scene guys double penetrate Amy as well (mouth and pussy), so she doesn't get jealous. Then they also penetrate together Leela's ass and pussy and the last scene comes with a nice cumshot over both girls. While Leela sucks off Zapp, Amy strokes Kif's dick with her hand.

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