The Neighbour's Wife: A Christmas Special

SumthinDifrnt presents another chapter and part of well know series. It's the town's Christmas pary. Everyone is enjoying themselves and having a good time. Kurt and Mrs.Johnson have been friends with benefits now for a few weeks. Kurt has seen Mrs. Johnson at the party without her husband. He wants to have some fun tonight. He waits for the perfect moment to start conversation and compliment her outfit. Kurt can't take it anymore and wants to touch Lucy so they meet at the car park outside. So Lucy soon gets on her knees and suck his big black cock. Then they get inside the car, she gives him a boobjob and in the moment he's fucking her. Meanwhile Ben starts looking for his mom and Sophie goes to car park to check it out and finds that she's fucking in the car. Later on Lucy is giving a call to her husband while Kurt is fucking her. In the end he cums inside her mouth.

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