Breaking the Quiet 3

Finally another episode of torturing Quite from Metal Gear series. The bad mistress is still keeping her hands tied and a horse with a huge cock will drills her more and more. Her asshole is wide open and secret girl wants to do something more. She takes a look at the cock and notices that it is dirty. So she takes a piss over it to clean it. Then she takes the cock between her boobs and get the horse totally excited so he can fuck Quite from behind again. Later on mistress gets more excited by herself, finds an empty bottle, gets it wet with there urine and puts inside her pussy. Besides, she was wearing big black strap on all the time. As the point of view keeps entertaining us, she also gets closer and puts her fake cock inside Quiet's pussy, too, making a double penetration moment. Soon after that horse gets really active and cums inside her, making her belly look filled and soon mistress brings a bucket already filled with cum to fill it even more. She decides to taste it and then gives Quiet also a try but somehow everything gets spilled all over Quiet. In sort, Quiet somehow gets free and attacks bad girl. A little fight that ends with suffocation of her.

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