Pearl Necklace

In this great movie you'll see how Kate tries to get inside into Rebecca's and Sarah's apartment to steal really expensive pearl necklace. Futanari girls soon notices that and captures her. Of course, they are not going to call the police, instead Kate will have to do everything they tell her. You can only imagine what's happening in Rebecca's and Sarah's minds, right? They are going to do a great threesome with this poor babe. It all starts gently and normally, but as they get in that rush of fucking they start to penetrate all holes of Kate and what's the most interesting is the pose when Rebecca is lying on the sofa, on top she has Kate and Sarah is fucking Kate, but guess where is Rebecca's cock? Right, inside Sarah. A nice cumshot on Kate's face in the end and girls share some cum by kissing each other afterwards.

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Author: Rikolo | www | more videos by this author


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