A Friendly Visit

SumthinDifrnt comes up with another story with few well know characters from other videos, like: The Neighbour's Wife - Good Ending and The Neighbour's Wife. During the events of the neighbor's wife Lucy decided to meet up with her old friend Sophia. It has been month since they last met, so they decided to meet in a hotel in the town for drinks and a girls night. After a few hours of catching up and a few glasses of wine, Lucy and Sophia started to talk about their sex lives. Lucy trusted Sophia and told her about the affair she had. She confirmed the worth of it and the size of the guy's cock. Sophia was laughing about that and didn't believe that. Lucy offered her a deal, if Kurt comes and proves the size, she'll have to fuck him and that will stay between them. Kurt unzips his pants and that's the moment of truth, Sophia rides his big black cock. See what happens next.

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