Lara's Guard 1

Video made by Barbell. Here you'll see Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, having fun with her dog. He's really happy that Lara gives him a chance to lick her pussy. Soon she lets him penetrate her pussy with his red penis and Lara enjoys it a lot. In the moment he cums inside her and Lara lets all semen to float out. Then they lie close together and Lara strokes that dick one more time until he cums all over her face. That was a good handjob. What's next? Oral sex in the 69th position as Lara goes on top and sucks it with a full mouth, taking balls inside her mouth as well. Soon cum is inside her mouth and we can see next sex scene, where Lara gets on top and offers her ass as well. In the last moment he pulls out and cums on her back.

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