Juvenile Pornography The Animation

From Mizuryuu Kei. A usual guy notices a beautiful women on the bench reading some book. He has seen her many times already and he doesn't know how to come closer and say hello. Somehow the conversation starts and he sits next to her on the bench. She would like to read him this story and it starts with words - Hey, let's have sex. Guy gets embarrassed and doesn't know how to act. She reads more and everything sounds really naughty. Is that a story or she's just playing with him? They start to kiss and then she invites him to her place nearby. Soon they get naked, she strokes his cock and he also grab her boobs. Then she offers him to keep reading the story while she shakes her pussy in front of him. She sits on his rock hard dick and in the few moments he cums. Then she grabs his cock and sucks it, and he cums again. After that one more vaginal sex and they are lying on the bed, exhausted. Was that a novel? He comes again close to her at the park when no ones around, and she sucks his cock til the end, again.

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