Miranda Lawson in a Day off

Miranda from Mass Effect has a day off from all her regular duties. She spends her time alone and plays with herself. Gently sticking her fingers inside her pussy she starts to imagine a sex with a guy. He gently fucks her from behind and increases the pace. They change positions regularly and she rides on the cock as well. While she's taking the break from sex she drinks something and her boobs grows almost 2 times. What a nice surprise. The couple keeps fucking and after that Miranda is on her knees with tied eyes sucking a cock. Soon she takes the band of her eyes and sucks it deep until the guy cums inside her mouth and she swallows everything. Next her fantasy comes with huge cock by her own. The guys keeps fucking her from different positions an she strokes that shemale cock. In the end they cum together - Miranda just shoots her load in the air, while the guy fills her ass. She falls on the floor and gets back into the reality with her hand inside her pussy, cumming.

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