Kasumi, the slave off HELL Part 1

A monster needs a new whore. Fortunately, they have caught a new girl and they promise her to give her freedom if she'll do whatever he orders. If he will not like something, he'll probably kill Kasumi. Of course, she doesn't want to die and agree to these terms. They go to another room where a Diablo type of monster is taking bath. She put a butt plug inside her ass to stretch it. Meanwhile her asshole is getting ready she gives a boobjob to the monster. Then she sits in his lap in reverse position and fucks him. Seems like she's ready to give her asshole to the devil and takes out the sex toy. Monster fucks her in the ass in few positions and cums inside her ass. Kasumi thought that she's free to go now, but not, monster will not let go such a cool girl. Watch the 2nd Part and 3rd Part

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