Forgotten Rituals

This is a porn parody of The Witcher 3 video game where shemale Triss Merigold is fucking Ciri. The ritual of the lonely soul needs to be handled with all attention. It will transpose your unrequited love, your empty heart with joy and pleasure. It will let you forget any refusal of the past, any disappointment of your life. But there is a price. If you are too weak for this remedy, you might not only loose control over it instead it maybe starts to control you. A woman might never suggest, that every male is in possession of this power and needs many years to be able to handle it's demands. Many, maybe most of the menfolk never achieve this state in their whole life. So be warned. If this ability is given to you immediately after finishing this ritual, without any training, it might overwhelm you. But don't be frighten. In any case it will let forget you everything you want to. It will heal your inner wounds with unlimited pleasure. Are you ready to cross this line?

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Author: DesireSFM | www | more videos by this author


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